Movie License Package

Hello Fellow Ragamuffins!

Available Now/strong> you can order your site license for the movie “Ragamuffin” directly through the movie’s official website.

Why do you need a site/movie license?

According to The Copyright Act. Title 17 of the United States Code says that it is illegal to show a movie in any public venue, including churches, clubs, camps and schools* without a movie license. Even inadvertent infringers are subject to significant penalties (as much as $150,000 per exhibition — see Section 506) for doing a public showing without a proper movie license.

DVD’s and/or Blu-Ray’ s are only licensed for home and/or personal viewing, a site/movie license is required to show RAGAMUFFIN to your church, ministry, school, or any other public venue…

Some churches participate in movie license programs like CVLI. CVLI is a privately held company that provides a movie license for specific producers. CVLI is not a legal entity providing an ‘umbrella movie license’ for any/all films shown in your church.

How much does it cost?

We base it on your average attendance or expected attendance of your event.





The Movie, extra exclusive content, and study guide, and the movie/site license will all be delivered in the form of digital downloads.

How long does the license last?

One year from the date of purchase. The license is for one site and only one site, but you can show it as many times as you want for one year. You may NOT show at a different church or venue.


Check or Money order made payable to: Rich Mullins the Movie, LLC

Ready to order your license?

1. Email:

2. Mail in payment (info to be provided via email)

3. Once payment is received, then the Ragamuffin Digital Download Package including the movie, site license, and exclusive content will be sent.

Artwork to Promote?

Go to our Media page on and feel free to add info about your event on the posters, stills, Facebook banners, and handouts (types of art subject to change). You may NOT change the artwork, but you may put the info for your screening on the art.

Some additional FAQ:

What is this movie rated?

We have been rated by the MPAA. Our rating is: PG-13 for thematic elements and smoking.

Hey, I own a dvd/blu-ray! Why do we need a License?

It’s the law. Copyright law is very clear concerning the use of retail DVDs in any venue outside of a home. We have developed this program to not only allow your church or ministry to “be legal” but also to empower you with tools to make your Movie Event successful.

Can I use a retail version of the Movie if I purchase a license? Pretty please…

Absolutely this is  helpful if you need to use features not included such as  closed-captioning, and retail special features.

If I have the DVD can the license be less?

Unfortunately, no. We’re sorry:-(

We’re a big church, but I’m only showing it to my small group, can I just buy your cheapest license?

Licenses are priced based on average weekly church attendance, not the showing size, because the license is for unlimited showings for a full year (from the date of purchase). With one license you can show the movie to your men’s group, women’s group, small groups, or the whole church… any showing your church hosts at your building site.

Since I’m buying a License, can we charge admission?

No. You cannot charge for admission. But there are other ways to raise funds…donations, sell concessions, etc…

Is there a price reduction if we don’t want the additional exclusive content?

Unfortunately, no.

The cost is prohibitive to us. Is there a way to get it for less, or how can we recoup the cost? Pretty Please…

Some church networks and denominations have worked out discounts for their churches; check with those offices to find out if anything is available. Price is based on your average weekly church attendance to help make the license more affordable.

There are a number of ways to raise funds to recoup any costs: Donations, give free admission, but sell concession tickets for popcorn and a drink, or a hot dog dinner. Don’t do meatloaf, that’s always a bad idea, just kidding do meatloaf if you want. Maybe a freewill offering, people are used to paying to see a movie, so it won’t seem that unusual. You can ask for a  special gift for the Movie Event above and beyond their regular giving. The cost of the License represents roughly  $1 per person in the typical church. Or you can get some biz to sponsor the event, give them placement on your promotional materials and do a short sponsorship “commercial” to thank them prior to showing the film. Or maybe you can buy bulk DVDs and resell them at your event and use the proceeds to fund your event or future events.